Collaborate with SU Diyue and ZHNG Yuanzhi

Exhibited in the CMC Theatre in ISEA 2016 Hong Kong

Skunkworks: Demonstration of Student Projects Using New Materials






“An Instant Archive” is an interactive installation that combines two reactions: thermochromism and halochromism. A box is covered with pH test papers on the inside, while its outside is shielded by canvas covered by thermo-sensitive paint. The audience is encouraged to leave marks on the inside of the box at their will, using different kinds of acid/alkaline solutions provided. Meanwhile, others can observe the marks through a peephole from the outside, while their body temperatures trigger the color changes of the marks.





We made this work open and random, so as to invite more people to play with unusual materials, whose potential of change may be unleashed in this process as well. We emphasized on the notion of time, which is a predominant factor in both reactions, but manifests in distinct ways - for the pH value, it is faded but permanent patterns; while for temperature, it is temporal marks that soon disappear.


The box serves as an area where a person can block off the outside world. Furthermore, as every participant contributes a layer composed of time and mind, the marks of pH reaction add up, so the box’s interior switches from a dull isolated space to a colorful lively one. In a private while collective way, this box turns into a sharing space for indirect communication between strangers. People peeking through the hole may not stay long thus the color should disappear very soon. But the one who sits down and gets inside the box may find out that, away from the society with heightened strangeness and impatience, there exists a vibrant space that is worth looking at and leaving a mark.

Two Reactions:

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