BREATH (2016)


Exhibited in Šaloun - The Studio of Visiting Artist AVU, Prague, Czech Republic






“Breath” is an installation containing two parts: a row of plastic bags hanging in the corridor and three lines of Haiku written on the wall. Inside each bag is a “breath” collected from artists at the Salon studio in Prague, and a note with the information of each breath: their owner and the time it was sealed. The Haiku presents the artist’s own interpretation of “breath,” inspired by its meanings, histories and origins in different languages, as told by artists in the Salon.



Newly born souls

mutually swirling towards

unfrozen meetings






As “breath” means inner self or soul in languages like Sanskrit ,Lithuanian and French, “re-spirit” in Italian and has the meaning of “rest” in Chinese, each breath is a newly born baby peacefully lying in a bag with their names and date of birth marked on them. In Japanese, “breath” can be a good timing and in Slovak, “breathe” means blowing and whirling. So the collection of breath is a meeting with interesting souls. Hanged in the corridor, the bags are dancing freely by the wind, whispering with each other.


Breath is a sign of life, also an invisible communication for you to share the same air with people around you. With rhythmic inhale and exhale, a subtle interaction is taking place.


Discovery during Process:


There was a couple exhaled in the same bag, which I didn’t expect. (Pictures below) This, however, made it more poetical and romantic when people with close relationship literally share a limited amount of air then reconstruct a neonatal spirit stored in an archive.