2018 - 2020            Rhode Island School of Design

                               Digital + Media (MFA)


2016.10-2017.2      Exchange to Academy of Fine Arts in Prague


2014 - 2018           City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media

                              Bachelor of Arts & Science (BAS)

Working Experience

2018.2-2018.7            Multi media / Interactive designer, The Collective Hong Kong

                                   Research in cultural context and technologies

                                   design interactive experiences and participate in on-site installation


2017.6-2017.8             Interactive designer, LumoLab Shanghai

                                    Installation exhibited in Shanghai Tech Expo


2017.6                         Art assistant in advertisement shooting, Shanghai

                                    Props preparation


2016.1-2016.5             Video producer, GSO City University of HK

                                    Video shooting and editing


2015.8-2016.8             Graphic designer and video producer , Harmony Tree International

                                    Promoting video editing, poster and booklet design


2019. 5-6            "Prior Things"

                            Collaborative Installation "Offline", Gelman Gallery, RI


2019. 2                "New User"

                            Installation "Modern Therapy", Boston Cyberarts Gallery, MA


2018. 7                SCM Annual Show 2018

                            Interactive installation "Abyss", Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center, HK


2017.12               "In-Situ"

                            Site-specific Installation "Two Sceneries", Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center,HK


2017.11               "Not Only Five Dollars"

                            Collaborative Installation "HKorb", Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center, HK


2017.8                 Shanghai Popular Science Products Expo 2017

                            Tube Installation "Acoustic-Optic Park", Made for Lumolab Shanghai, China


2017.1-2             "Shall Arrows Land On Unique Notes?" Saloun - The studio of visiting artist

                            Installation "Breathe", Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic


2016.7-8              Post-Industrial Landscapes 4.0 - AAVS Hong Kong 2016

                            Collaborative Installation "Sugar sculpture - city illumination", Osage Gallery, HK


2016.4                 ISEA 2016 Hong Kong

                            Skunkworks : Demonstration of Student Projects using new materials

                            Collaborative Installation "An instant archive?" Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center, HK

Computer Skills

Processing, Arduino, HTML,

Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, Autodesk CAD,

Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator

Visual Studio ( Kinect)

TouchDesigner, Max MSP