2014 - Present           City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media

                                     Bachelor of Arts & Science (BAS)


2016.10-2017.2         Exchange to Academy of Fine Arts in Prague


Working Experience

2015.8-2016.8             Graphic designer and video producer , Harmony Tree International

                                    Promoting video editing, poster and booklet design


2016.1-2016.5             Video producer, GSO City University of HK

                                    Video shooting and editing


2017.6                         Art assistant in advertisement shooting, Shanghai

                                    Props preparation


2017.6-2017.8             Interactive designer, LumoLab Shanghai

                                    Installation exhibited in Shanghai Tech Expo


2016.4                 ISEA 2016 Hong Kong

                            Skunkworks : Demonstration of Student Projects using new materials

                            Collaborative Installation "An instant archive?" Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center


2016.7-8              Post-Industrial Landscapes 4.0 - AAVS Hong Kong 2016

                            Collaborative Installation "Sugar sculpture - city illumination", Osage Gallery


2017.1-2             "Shall Arrows Land On Unique Notes?" Saloun - The studio of visiting artist

                            Installation "Breathe", Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic


2017.8                 Shanghai Popular Science Products Expo 2017

                            Tube Installation "Acoustic-Optic Park", Made for Lumolab Shanghai


2017.11                "Not Only Five Dollars"

                             Collaborate Installation "HKorb", Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center


2017.12                "In-Situ"

                             Site-specific Installation "Two Sceneries", Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center

Computer Skills

Processing, Arduino, HTML,

Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, Autodesk CAD,

Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator

Visual Studio ( Kinect)