“Internet Shell” is an interactive performance, taking place in three most crowded sites in Hong Kong. The artist wore boxes pasted with QR codes, inviting passerby to scan the codes, which will each lead to a screenshot of a social media page of the artist. The work stresses the impact of the social media network on individuals, hoping to stimulate virtual interactions in a physical world.






It’s an early work of mine, the whole process is a visualization and an experiment as well. Living in the technology age, people feel like to hide in the real world and at the same time expose themselves in the virtual world. Each post becomes a label people choose to pin on themselves, elaborately showing what they expect others to see. Therefore, the interactions between people in reality and in cyberspace seem to be split. This artwork visualized the circumstance that allows virtual interactions to take place in the real world.



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Causeway Bay - Time Square

Mong Kok - Langham Place

Central - MTR station & pedestrian bridge



During the period of performance, I made several settings.

 1.  As there’s no hole in the box, I can just look down to find my way. It imitated the situation when we sink into social media we just look down to our phone.

 2.  I can’t walk too fast because I can hardly see and move with the boxes so I either stand still or move slowly, which also imitates the situation when we use social media and the time expended.

 3.  Holding a sign saying “SCAN ME” is like an invitation on Facebook to ask people add you as a friend.






The outcomes turned out to be interesting after I performed in three most crowded and busy places in Hong Kong. After I knew someone was around me, I was more eager to be scanned but as time passed by, I was no longer comfortable to get off the boxes and expose the real self. It’s just like what happened on the Internet: There is a question between concealing ourselves to seeking for attention? Many people scan me or show curiosity to me and even took selfie with me but no one really talked to me except the security in MTR and a little boy look inside my box.(at the end of documentation)



1. Touchy, Human camera - encourage real communication

2. Socality Barbie - Are we real ?

3. You need to get off facebook