“Modern defense” is a wearable installation designed to protect people’s privacy. Inspired by Adam Harvey’s “CV Dazzle” and personal experiences of “being watched” during subway rides, the artist designed a phone case with mirrors so that shoulder snoopers will be watched back by the phone case; a collar to avoid private conversations being listened by using sound-proof materials; and an LED face accessory to prevent sneak snapshots. The installation stands as a gesture of resistance, in defense of privacy.




For the phone case, I used Thermoplastic soil to make. The Thermoplastic soil will become soft when they are in hot water. I sculpture them into a phone case with 6 mirrors and left it dry hard. The mirrors are in the different direction, so you can watch the watchers in different angles.


For the sound-proofing collar, I made a stretchy collar and filled it with small pieces of sponges and cloth to adsorb the sound. Then I decorate it with a vintage style, I also put sponges inside it. In the collar, I installed a small microphone and it will connect to a phone with an earphone.


For the led face accessories, I use copper wire to shape it and then connect with strong LED light, a small switch, button cell. It's light and controllable but when your camera is very far from you and the LED not direct flash on the lens, it won't make your face disappear. For improvement, I will use more LED in every direction or try to install them on other objects.

Inspiration and reference: