Exhibited in Osage Gallery

Collaborate with LI Wanqi and Huang Xuanyang





“City Illumination” is an interactive installation. The lampshade is 3D printed using sugar by a handmade CNC machine. When the visitors stand in front of the lamp, the light will turn on, and with each person approaching the lamp, the sugar will start to melt. The installation is a metaphor for Hong Kong, a sweet city, full of consumption, desire, and sweet dreams. Each individual stepped in Hong Kong becomes a contributor to the making of an image –the image of a sugar city, as they illuminate it. Yet at the same time, the seemingly glamorous city is melting, distorting, moldering –that's part of the reality of sugar, and of Hong Kong as well.


AAVS Post-Industrial Landscapes 4.0 is a 10-day robotics workshop held by Architectural Association Visiting School, instructed by Vector Leung, Cesar Harada and Tobias Klein. The workshop captains theoretical and practical part of CNC machine, we start from basic mechanical components such as beams and bearings to construct a very complex machine designed by Victor. Then we worked in different groups to make sugar sculptures.