Tech Paralysis (2019)




“Tech Paralysis" is a video + live performance work, talking about the feeling of disconnection in this digital age. The video shows a sleeping experience from the main character - a cyborg witch. She lost connections in her dreams, seek for connections during sleep paralysis, and woke up finding herself becomes a cyborg. Then she showed up live in front of the audience.



The story was inspired by my own experience of dreams, sleep paralysis , and haunted technologies around me. Sometimes I felt that what I saw during my sleep paralysis was just like broken machines - glitched projections, cracked radio sound, robotic and repetitive movements, etc. Meanwhile, when I tried to describe disconnected feelings, it seems like sleep paralysis as well - I can't move, can't make a sound no matter how hard I tried, and I can't tell what I see and hear is real or not. Having interests in pseudoscience and spiritualism, I'm also exploring the space between the purely rational world and sensitive world.