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FM. (2019)

Performed with Justin Han and Hannah Suzanna

Inspired by Pauline Oliveros's sonic meditation, this piece is an inprovised performance.

FM (frequency modulation) is an exploration of the in-between, and a process of finding the right channel to communicate. 

Score for the performance 

It’s a practice of noticing another being, opening yourself up to them, listening to them and becoming them.

  • Have LED lights plugged on the wall. Lie yourself down at the other side of the room in a comfortable position.
  • Let your face exposed under the light and keep your eyes closed for the whole process.
  • Begin by observing your breathing and your body. Gradually allow your breathing to become audible and follow the impulse of your body to move.
  • Modulate your frequency after each breath to communicate with other beings (lights and other people). Feel the colour of the light with closing eyes. Move towards the light when it’s talking back visually.
  • Take your time to find the right range of frequency and a comfortable distance between you and the light.
  • When everyone settled with their lights, plug the LED lights off.